NEMED – Network of Multigrade Schools in Europe

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Function int he project: Leader, ICT in Education Work Package

NEMED (NEtwork of Multigrade Education) is a trans-national network supported by the Comenius 3 Action of the Socrates Programme of the European Union. NEMED brings together educationalists and researchers from ten European countries, who share an interest in researching, enhancing and supporting multigrade education, in their countries and at the European level.

Multigrade schools play an important role in providing access to ‘Education for All’ in many parts of the world – both developing and industrialised. In multigrade schools, teachers work with more than one curriculum grade at the same time in the same class. They are also more than a reality in primary education in many parts of Europe, arising through necessity rather than choice. Their role is crucial, as they provide isolated communities in remote and disadvantaged areas with pedagogy and community service of good standards. Nevertheless, due to geographical peculiarities and other socio-economic oddities, multigrade schools typically constitute a neglected aspect of education systems.

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